Workout plans made easy

It seems as if life gets busier and busier every day. We hustle and bustle around trying to fit everything into 24 hours. Often times exercise is one of the first things to be neglected. Lucky for you, we have found some workout plans that you can do at home!

Five workout plans to get in shape

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Source: Pinterest



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Source: Tumblr



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Source:, Pinterest

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Healthy recipes you will LOVE

Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring! We have found some of the best recipes to make healthy eating easier and tastier!

 Source: Together as Family: Turkey Taco Bowls

Source: Together as Family: Turkey Taco Bowls


Hope you try and enjoy these recipes!!!

Get moving with gyms and programs in Mt. Sterling

Get moving and healthy by using your resources available to you in Mt. Sterling. We have made exercising easier and more accessible. Below are programs that you can get involved with to stay healthy.

 Source: Rosie Wilcox

Source: Rosie Wilcox

  1. Yoga Classes- We have yoga classes every Tuesday night at 6 here at the GRAC. It is a $5 admission fee every class. Become zen and fit all at the same time.
  2. Get a Gym Membership- Mt. Sterling has two gyms that you can join. 
    1. Revolution Fitness located at 275 Evans Avenue, Mt Sterling, KY 40353
    2. Downtown Athletic Club located at 108 E Main St, Mt Sterling, KY 40353
  3. Walk Downtown- Take a walk downtown and see all of the beautiful buildings and unique shops our town has to offer.

These are just a couple of places that you can utilize in Mt. Sterling to maintain an active lifestyle!

No more boring lunches!

Packing your lunch can be boring and it's easy to fall into the rhythm of packing the same thing everyday. We are going to try to combat that by showing you some yummy lunches to pack that are also healthy!

Lunch staples that are VERSATILE

  • Whole Wheat Wraps- These wraps are the perfect lunch staple. You can fill them with any kind of protein (including peanut butter). They are inexpensive and last weeks if stored in the refrigerator!
  • Cottage Cheese- I know some people think that cottage cheese is just a side dish, but you can add some of your favorite fruit and make it a meal! Pack some vegetables and whole wheat crackers to add some different textures and flavors,
  • Whole Grain Rice- This is a cheap food that can be eaten so many ways! Add some protein and veggies for a stir-fry!
  • Yogurt- Yogurt is such an expensive and yummy staple that can be eaten as a side or as the main meal. Add some fruit and granola and make it your main dish!
  • Lettuce- I know you're thinking, "I don't want to eat salad everyday for lunch." But this veggie doesn't have to be eaten just as a salad. Put in in your wraps for a crunch and freshness, add to sandwiches OR add stuff to make it a salad. Plus, it'll get you full without weighing you down.

How to: Incorporate your kids into doing everyday tasks

Have you ever heard a parent complain about having too many hand helping clean the house? Or what about they have too much help folding the laundry. HAHA you never hear parents saying that! It's important to get your kids involved in chores and everyday tasks that happen around the house. We have come up with a list of easy tasks your children can help you do starting at an early age.

 Source: Passion for Savings

Source: Passion for Savings

Teach your kids valuable life skills

  1. Folding Laundry- This is a task that not many people enjoy doing. However, children tend to want to do the same things that they see you doing. Folding towels and washcloths can be boring to one person, but so much fun for kids to do. Teach them how to fold laundry and you will have taught them a valuable lifeskill and gotten a laundry helper!
  2. Washing/Drying dishes- This is something that kids can love to do. The bubbles and water make this task fun for them. It may get a little messy, but it's just water!
  3. Cooking/baking- Check out a childrens cookbook from the library and let your kids pick what they want to make. They will learn how to cook and bake, made something to eat, and learned a vital skill.
  4. Pick up after themselves- Picking up after yourself at any age isn't the most fun thing to do. But you can make it a game! Have a bin in every room that your children can put the stuff they pick up so its easier to put away. Have a clean-up song or reward for their hard work!
  5. Chore Chart and Reward System- Everyone loves rewards for hard work. Make a chore chart that your kids can complete each week for a reward. This will make chores more fun because they get rewarded for what they do! 

These are some ways to get your kids involved into the household and teaching them valuable life skills they need. You don't have to worry about your kids going off to college one day and not being able to take care of themselves. The younger you start, the better off they'll be!

How to: Save money for a rainy day

Who doesn't like saving money? We all could benefit from saving our pocket change and using it to go towards something we've had our eye on for months or even for a vacation! We have found some simple money-saving tips to help you use that loose change for good!

 Source- Reader's Digest

Source- Reader's Digest

  1. Change Jar- You can use a mason jar or any jar you have! To make yourself more apt to use the jar for your loose change, write what you want to spend the money on, on the side of the jar. Each day when you get home put your change into the jar and before long you'll be able to afford the thing you've been saving for!
  2. Save every five dollar bill you have- This trick may be a little harder than the loose change, but it will add up so much faster! Whenever you get a five dollar bill, put it in an envelope or box to save for later spending!
  3. Use Coupons- Whether you are shopping for groceries or a new outfit, always look for coupons that could be used to save you some extra dough!
  4. Put a certain percent out of every paycheck directly into a savings account- Every time you get a paycheck, take a certain percent of your earnings and put it into your savings account. This will ensure you some cushion room in case of an emergency.
  5. Buy off-brand- This makes some people cringe. However, the name-brand products you buy often have an off-brand version that has the same ingredients! This will save you money on the products that you already use!
  6. Buy in bulk- Buying your groceries or products in bulk will cost more upfront, but will save you money in the long-run. Get a membership at Costco or Sam's Club and see your savings add up!
  7. Eat at home- It is so convenient to go to a coffee shop to get a cup of coffee in the morning. But you are spending way more than you have to on something you can make at home. Pack your lunch and make your coffee at home. You will save extra calories and lots of money!
  8. Shop in the clearance section- When shopping for new clothes, it is so easy to buy what's on the mannequin, but these items are usually not on sale or cost more than you want to spend. Go back to the clearance racks and you might find a diamond in the rough! Searching through the racks in the clearance section may take more time, but it's worth the extra effort!
  9. The one for one trick- When you are itching for a new pair of shoes or that dress in the store window, sell one item in your closet before buying the new one! This little trick will keep you from running out of room in your closet and will help you earn a little money on your wardrobe.
  10. Clean out your home and sell what you no longer need online- There are sites like Poshmark and Mercari that you can sell your clothes, appliances and unwanted items on for a profit. All you have to do is sign up for an account, post photos of the items you are wanting to sell and watch the buyers come to you!

We hope these ten ways to save money are helpful to you and make saving money easier!!

How to: Fulfill your Mt. Sterling experience

Mt. Sterling has so much to offer! There are camps for your kids, local restaraunts, family-owned shops and boutiques and the famous Ruth Hunt Candies! We have compiled a list of all of the things to get the most out of our beautiful town.

Events you don't want to miss!

  • Smalltown America Festival- This is a new event presented by Community Trust Bank. This event will include a 5K, Car Show, Talent Show, Pop up Community Yard Sale and much more! It will take place on Saturday August 18, 2018. If you are interested in signing up to participate in the events you can call The Tourism Office at 859-498-8732 or sign up on the Facebook page by searching "Smalltown America Festival in Mt. Sterling, KY"
  • Mt. Sterling Court Days- This is arguably one of the largest events that happen here! This year the dates are October 12-15.      
  • GRAC Events- There are always events going on at the GRAC! We have weekly yoga, Artists in the studio, camps for kids, and musical performances! Go to our calendar to find out more!
  • Visit Ruth Hunt Candies- This local famous gem can be found at 550 Maysville Rd, Mt Sterling, KY 40353. Check out their Facebook page and go satisfy your sweet tooth with their tasty treats!
  • Eat locally- Mt. Sterling has so many incredible restaurants and cafe's. Tomatoes and Flames, Spoonful of Sugar, Berryman's Tastytreat, and Indian Creek Restaurant are just a few that we recommend! Go satisfy your hungry tummy and your hunger for adventure with these places!
  • Go Bowling- Mt. Sterling offers a bowling alley called Sterling Lanes. It would make for fun date night or activity for you and your family to enjoy!

How to: DIY house decorations

Have you been wanting to redecorate your house or fill in that empty space on the wall? Say no more! We have some simple ways to make decorations for your home that won't break the bank!

Five ways to decorate your home with decorations you made!

  • Paint your own canvases- Not an artist? No problem, you can attend a painting class with your friends with the help of an instructor to make sure your masterpiece turns out "wall-worthy."
  • Make your own produce holder- Traditional produce holders take up room on your counters. Use your creativity and add your own touch by making your own produce holder!
 Source: Addicted 2 DIY

Source: Addicted 2 DIY

  • Repurpose old doors and windows- Wanting a new headboard for your bed or a jewelry hanger? No problem; you can find so many helpful instructions online. Just type in what you are wanting to make and its easy as 123!
 Source: Karla van der Ploeg on Pinterest

Source: Karla van der Ploeg on Pinterest

Incorporate creativity into your child's learning!

Learning new skills and information is hard for anyone. Make learning easier by incorporating creativity to help memorize information. 

 Source: Beacon News

Source: Beacon News

  • Mnemonic devices- These are a lifesaver not only in school, but in life!! Need to memorize a list of things? No problem, just use the main word of everything you need to memorize and make a saying out of it. We attached a link below to help!

  • Rhymes and songs- Make learning fun by creating your own rhymes and songs to learn something! Whether you need to remember a new math term or vocabulary words, make a catchy tune to help learn!
  • Visualizations- Use items to learn math! Division, multiplication, addition, and subraction can be made easier by seeing it using blocks or objects.
  • Create a story- Write a story with your kids so they can learn and use their new vocabulary terms in sentences. This also lets your child's creativity run wild!
  • Paint or draw- Anything your child needs to learn, have them paint or draw, this will encourage memorization!

We hope these help bring creativity into your child's life an learning! 

After school routines- made easy!

With so many new changes to you and your kid's daily routine, a schedule can help bring your child a sense of safety and normality. This could be enrolling them into after-school activities or making a chart of things to do after school. This post is short and sweet, just like children's attention spans, but we hope this helps make after school routines easy and fun!

Making a chart with that help of your kids is the easiest way to get them excited about doing homework, chores, etc. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to make this fun:

  • Make a colorful chart and put it on the fridge where it is easily accessible.
  • Have an incentive program to reward your child for their discipline and hard work. 
  • Use stickers to mark off things that they have completed.
  • Sweet treats always help!
  • Activities that you can do on the weekends, like trips to the waterpark or their favorite store to get a new toy is a great incentive!

We have found a website that you can easily make the charts below:

Packing: College Edition

Going off to college is an exciting and terrifying experience for parents and kids alike. The worries of rooming with a stranger and where you're going to put all of your things in a tiny room is worrisome to say the least. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of all of our packing secrets to make the move from home to college a little easier.

Shopping List

  1. Totes totes and more TOTES- Cardboard boxes aren't as sturdy as plastic totes, so spend a little extra money and save yourself the pain of packing. Plastic totes go on sale after Christmas so save a little money and catch the deals! 
  2. Hangers and garbage bags- This is a little hack that can save you time and energy. Just hang up the clothes you plan on taking to hang in your wardrobe and put a garbage bag around them and tie the strings around the neck of the hangers. We've attached a picture at the end of this list.
  3. Consolidate- Instead of just leaving smaller items out to be carried in separately, put the items garbage bags to save some trips going up the stairs.
  4. Wrap breakable items- You don't want to break the new lamp you bought, or the glass bottle of perfume, simply wrap breakable items in blankets or clothing and put them in plastic totes.
  5. Buy your food and toiletries after you move in- Shampoo bottles and food are really heavy and take up space in your car. Make a trip to the store after you are all moved in so that you can pick up essentials and things that you forgot to pack. 
  6. Pack a box of tissues- Trust us on this one, you're going to want to pack a box of tissues because some tears will be shed. They may be happy, sad, or because you stumped your toe on the bedpost, but you'll be thankful you packed them.
  7. Dont overpack!!!- This is one of the hardest things to do. Don't take every high school t-shirt that you own, you'll be getting so many new ones in college and you won't have room for all of them. Take the essentials and you can always get more once you get there.
  8. Extension Cords- We cannot stress this enough!!! There are limited outlets in dorm rooms. Take extension cords so you can plug in all of your electronics!
  9. Communicate with your roommates before moving in- Find out who is going to bring a fridge, microwave and other big items so you all don't show up with one. Carrying a mini fridge up ten flights of stairs isn't fun, so communicate with your roommates beforehand and you won't have to carry the mini fridge back down ten flights of stairs.
  10. Cleaning supplies are a must- Bring some clorox wipes and other household cleaners to make sure your room is clean before putting everything where it needs to go. You'll feel better knowing that you started off the year with a clean room because it probably won't stay clean for long!
 Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur

Simple ways to get your child excited for school

It's that time of the year when stores are filled with school supplies and your kids wonder who they will sit by in their new classroom. It's a nervous and exciting time for everyone. While some kids are always so excited to go back, for others it brings nervousness and dread. Don't worry, it's normal to be nervous about a new experience. We have found some simple tips and tricks to get your children pumped to go back to school.

 Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

  • School Clothes Shopping- Picking out their brand new outfit to make their statement on the first day is crucial to some kids. Take them clothes shopping and let them show their style and expression in their clothing. Wearing new clothes is always exciting!
  • Let them pick out their own school supplies- Instead of just going down the school aisle when you're getting groceries, take your kiddos with you and make a special trip dedicated to getting their school supplies. They will be so excited to pick out their new stuff.
  • Get them involved in after school activities- This is a big one for most parents and children. School starting back means that sports practices and games are starting back too. Talk to your child and see if they would be interested in joining music lessons or a sport, they might just find their favorite hobby.
  • New book bag and lunch box- This may seem like a no-brainer, but something as simple as a new book bag or lunch box to ring in the new school year with style may be the boost your child needs to excited about going back to school.
  • Set weekly goals- Setting weekly goals with an incentive program is exciting for both parents and children. Make a chart listing the goals like doing homework right after school, picking out their clothes for the next day, and making their lunch are some easy things that will give your child a sense of accomplishment and help them stay on track.
  • Packing their lunch- Something as easy as involving your child on helping pack their school lunch lets them choose what they want to eat!

These are simple ways for you to get your kiddos excited about going back to school! We hope you try out these new things to help keep their nerves down leading up to the first day of school!

Five ways to integrate art and creativity into your life

Integrating the arts into you and your family’s everyday life can be difficult. We have found some simple ways to bring the arts into your life. Creativity is everything and it is so easy to forget to use it! Below are five simple ways to bring creativity into your life without spending a lot of money. 

 Source: Early Learning HQ

Source: Early Learning HQ

  • Read poetry- Poetry is a great way for you to relieve stress and to help your kids explore their creativity. Dissecting the poems to reveal the true meaning is fun and makes your brain work a little harder. 
  • Go to art museums- Take advantage of the amazing resources you have close to you! There are art museums in Mt. Sterling and Morehead. Make a day trip out of it. Discuss with your children the types of art they are seeing and the talented artists behind them.
  • Make crafts- Who doesn't like making crafts? It can be as simple as painting a canvas or building a bird house. Let your children's creativity shine!
  • Perform plays- Encourage your kiddos to make up a play and perform it to you. They will be so proud of the finished results and they became their own story teller.
  • Write!- This may seem like a no-brainer, but its so easy to go months without writing anything. Writing is known to be stress-relieving and therapeutic. It can be as simple as writing in a journal about how your day went or writing what's in your heart. For your kiddos, have them write short stories and it will make it easier to see whats in your kiddos mind!

Fun things to do in Mt. Sterling

Finding things for you to do with your friends or your children can sometimes be a daunting task. It's a good thing that Mt. Sterling is full of fun things to do and places to explore. We have found some inexpensive ways to enjoy Mt. Sterling!

Explore Mt. Sterling

  • Come Explore the arts at the GRAC of course! We have different types of activities for you and your kids to enjoy. Come check us out!
  • Go to the public library! The library has much more than books for your kiddos to enjoy. Their website shows all of the fun things that they offer.

  • Take a walk downtown and explore all of the historic buildings and local art that is spread all throughout downtown. If you're a history buff then you can tell them all about the history of Mt. Sterling. 
  • Explore all of the local shops! Mt. Sterling has so many different small businesses and what better way to support your hometown than by shopping local? (This one isn't free unless you have really good willpower). 
  • Satisfy your hungry tummy by eating at the local restaurants. Oh and don't forget to wash it down with a Kentucky Ale-8!
  • The Mt. Sterling Tourism website has helpful information and we encourage you to check it by clicking on the link below!

We hope you go out and take in all of the wonderful things that Mt. Sterling has to offer!

 Source: Yelp

Source: Yelp

 Source: Spoonful of Sugar

Source: Spoonful of Sugar



 Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

Rainy Day Activities for Kids

Rainy days aren't fun for anyone, especially your little ones. Watching movies and playing board games only keep children entertained for short amount of time. Lucky for you, we have found some fun and easy ideas to keep you sane and your kiddos happy. 

7 (FUN) Indoor Activities 

  1. Scavenger Hunt- Make a list of items for your kids to find while you enjoy your fourth cup of coffee of the morning (Oops). Create your own list or use this list below!

2. Balloon Ball Games- Blow up balloons and you have an endless amount of games that your kids can use the balloons to play. 

3. Painting- Pick up some canvases or stepping stones at the store and your kids now have things to paint and show their creativity. Not to mention the (almost free) artwork for their rooms!

4. Perler Bead Bowls- Have you heard of the bowls that your kids can make and keep their knick-knacks in? These bowls are so easy and fun to make. Kids of all ages can make them on their own (or with your help). 

All you need are oven-safe bowls, perler beads, and cooking spray. You can get the beads at any craft store. 

  • Take the oven safe bowls that you are going to use and spray the insides with the cooking spray.
  • Pour a small amount of beads in the bowl to start out with and press the beads down as they will climb up the sides of the bowl. Keep adding more until the sides of the bowl are covered to your satisfaction.
  • Bake in a preheated oven at  400° for 10-15 minutes or until the beads are melted together.
  • After the perler bowls are cooled then they should just pop right out of the oven-safe bowl.

5. Flag Tape Obstacle Course- Buy flag tape (or really any kind of wide tape) and tape to the walls of your hallway for a simple and removable obstacle course to keep your kids busy for hours. BUT BE WARNED- they may want to keep it up forever!!!

6. Bake- One of my favorite things to do is to bake some sweet treats for the kids to enjoy while they are watching a movie. Involve the little ones by having them mix the ingredients together or decorating their masterpiece. This shows them life skills and gives you something to enjoy with your fifth cup of coffee. 

7. Make slime- Making a squishy and colorful gob of goo is the latest craze with kids. To make slime just follow the easy steps below!

  1. Find a bowl, cup, or plate to mix your slime in.
  2. Pour out the entire contents of a 4oz of school glue into the bowl.
  3. Add ½ TBSP of baking soda and mix.
  4. After mixing, add your choice of food coloring.
  5. Mix and/or add more food coloring until you get the color you want.
  6. Add 1 TBSP of Contact solution.

Boom! You've now got slime that your kids can play with and taunt you with!

Here are some of the best ways to keep children entertained when the weather is too yucky to go outside. Hope you enjoy these! Also, check out the links attached to the photos to see some amazing blogs!