After school routines- made easy!

With so many new changes to you and your kid's daily routine, a schedule can help bring your child a sense of safety and normality. This could be enrolling them into after-school activities or making a chart of things to do after school. This post is short and sweet, just like children's attention spans, but we hope this helps make after school routines easy and fun!

Making a chart with that help of your kids is the easiest way to get them excited about doing homework, chores, etc. Here are a couple of tips and tricks to make this fun:

  • Make a colorful chart and put it on the fridge where it is easily accessible.
  • Have an incentive program to reward your child for their discipline and hard work. 
  • Use stickers to mark off things that they have completed.
  • Sweet treats always help!
  • Activities that you can do on the weekends, like trips to the waterpark or their favorite store to get a new toy is a great incentive!

We have found a website that you can easily make the charts below: