Incorporate creativity into your child's learning!

Learning new skills and information is hard for anyone. Make learning easier by incorporating creativity to help memorize information. 

Source: Beacon News

Source: Beacon News

  • Mnemonic devices- These are a lifesaver not only in school, but in life!! Need to memorize a list of things? No problem, just use the main word of everything you need to memorize and make a saying out of it. We attached a link below to help!

  • Rhymes and songs- Make learning fun by creating your own rhymes and songs to learn something! Whether you need to remember a new math term or vocabulary words, make a catchy tune to help learn!
  • Visualizations- Use items to learn math! Division, multiplication, addition, and subraction can be made easier by seeing it using blocks or objects.
  • Create a story- Write a story with your kids so they can learn and use their new vocabulary terms in sentences. This also lets your child's creativity run wild!
  • Paint or draw- Anything your child needs to learn, have them paint or draw, this will encourage memorization!

We hope these help bring creativity into your child's life an learning!