Packing: College Edition

Going off to college is an exciting and terrifying experience for parents and kids alike. The worries of rooming with a stranger and where you're going to put all of your things in a tiny room is worrisome to say the least. Lucky for you, we have compiled a list of all of our packing secrets to make the move from home to college a little easier.

Shopping List

  1. Totes totes and more TOTES- Cardboard boxes aren't as sturdy as plastic totes, so spend a little extra money and save yourself the pain of packing. Plastic totes go on sale after Christmas so save a little money and catch the deals! 
  2. Hangers and garbage bags- This is a little hack that can save you time and energy. Just hang up the clothes you plan on taking to hang in your wardrobe and put a garbage bag around them and tie the strings around the neck of the hangers. We've attached a picture at the end of this list.
  3. Consolidate- Instead of just leaving smaller items out to be carried in separately, put the items garbage bags to save some trips going up the stairs.
  4. Wrap breakable items- You don't want to break the new lamp you bought, or the glass bottle of perfume, simply wrap breakable items in blankets or clothing and put them in plastic totes.
  5. Buy your food and toiletries after you move in- Shampoo bottles and food are really heavy and take up space in your car. Make a trip to the store after you are all moved in so that you can pick up essentials and things that you forgot to pack. 
  6. Pack a box of tissues- Trust us on this one, you're going to want to pack a box of tissues because some tears will be shed. They may be happy, sad, or because you stumped your toe on the bedpost, but you'll be thankful you packed them.
  7. Dont overpack!!!- This is one of the hardest things to do. Don't take every high school t-shirt that you own, you'll be getting so many new ones in college and you won't have room for all of them. Take the essentials and you can always get more once you get there.
  8. Extension Cords- We cannot stress this enough!!! There are limited outlets in dorm rooms. Take extension cords so you can plug in all of your electronics!
  9. Communicate with your roommates before moving in- Find out who is going to bring a fridge, microwave and other big items so you all don't show up with one. Carrying a mini fridge up ten flights of stairs isn't fun, so communicate with your roommates beforehand and you won't have to carry the mini fridge back down ten flights of stairs.
  10. Cleaning supplies are a must- Bring some clorox wipes and other household cleaners to make sure your room is clean before putting everything where it needs to go. You'll feel better knowing that you started off the year with a clean room because it probably won't stay clean for long!
Source: Imgur

Source: Imgur