No more boring lunches!

Packing your lunch can be boring and it's easy to fall into the rhythm of packing the same thing everyday. We are going to try to combat that by showing you some yummy lunches to pack that are also healthy!

Lunch staples that are VERSATILE

  • Whole Wheat Wraps- These wraps are the perfect lunch staple. You can fill them with any kind of protein (including peanut butter). They are inexpensive and last weeks if stored in the refrigerator!
  • Cottage Cheese- I know some people think that cottage cheese is just a side dish, but you can add some of your favorite fruit and make it a meal! Pack some vegetables and whole wheat crackers to add some different textures and flavors,
  • Whole Grain Rice- This is a cheap food that can be eaten so many ways! Add some protein and veggies for a stir-fry!
  • Yogurt- Yogurt is such an expensive and yummy staple that can be eaten as a side or as the main meal. Add some fruit and granola and make it your main dish!
  • Lettuce- I know you're thinking, "I don't want to eat salad everyday for lunch." But this veggie doesn't have to be eaten just as a salad. Put in in your wraps for a crunch and freshness, add to sandwiches OR add stuff to make it a salad. Plus, it'll get you full without weighing you down.