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Written in the Stars: Throwback Prom

Spiked Punch, Awkward Photos, Dollar King and Queen Votes, Wicked DJ

Did you wake up at 17 after prom and wished you could do it all over again? Well, now you can! Grab your AquaNet and Save-the-Date for prom: Written in the Stars.

Tickets are $30 (click here) and includes two punch tickets, light snacks, and dance 'til you drop music from DJ Chill. 

The majority of proceeds will benefit the children's summer art programs and other education opportunities. 

We will have $1 votes for King and Queen plus Best Dressed and some other fun things throughout the night!

More information will be provided soon!

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6:00 PM18:00

Spinning a Yarn Storytelling

New this year is Spinning a Yarn Storytelling hour at the Arts Center! Join us every 1st Tuesday of the month from 6-7pm for this fun, free, family evening of storytelling. Each month will have a rotating theme. The theme this month is: Tall Tales!

Refreshments will be available for purchase

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6:00 PM18:00

Le Cabaret - A night of songs

What is the best way to celebrate Valentine's Day? How about a night out at the Arts Center! 

Le Cabaret will feature local talent, dinner, and a cash bar and will certainly be a night to remember! Get your tickets today because seating will be limited!

$15 per ticket 

Tickets are available online here and at the Art Center. 

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12:00 PM12:00

Polar Express Comes to Mt. Sterling!


This Christmas in Kentucky, the Polar Express is making a stop in Mt. Sterling, and the children of Mt. Sterling are anxiously awaiting its arrival. Heed the invitation of the conductor to travel through cold, dark forests filled with roaming wolves, climb moon-scraping mountains, and sit on Santa’s knee! Your Kentucky Christmas trip begins at the Gateway Regional Arts Center on Saturday, December 9, from noon to 4 pm. The bell still rings for those who truly believe!

$3 per person or $15 per family

Train Displays, Selfies with Santa, Lego Creations, Gingerbread Displays, Arts and Crafts, Read the Story, and More!


Download your application HERE

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6:30 PM18:30

31st Advent Musicale


The Gateway Regional Arts Center and I cordially invite you to the most magical night of the year, the 31st Advent Musicale. There is no better way to kick off a joyous holiday season than hearing the talented local voices and musicians fill the wooden planked interior of the downtown Ascension Episcopal Church. 

Join us after for a reception of homemade cakes and refreshments following the performance at the Arts Center. 

This is truly a night you will not want to miss with co-conductors Dr. George Zack and Dr. Everett McCorvey!

Find your tickets today by clicking the blue box to the right, at Ruth Hunt Candies, or by stopping by the Arts Center!

Jeanette Tesmer
Executive Director

6:30pm Tickets are $25 per person

Don't delay - purchase your tickets today! CLICK HERE

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to Nov 19

Elf Jr. The Musical


Performances are held Friday, November 17 at 7:01pm, Saturday, November 18 @7:01pm, and Sunday, November 19 at 2:30pm. 

Tickets are available at the door. If you pre-purchased tickets your name will be at the door.



Buddy, a young orphan, mistakenly crawls into Santa's bag of gifts and is transported to the North Pole. The would-be elf is raised, unaware that he is actually a human, until his enormous size and poor toy-making abilities cause him to face the truth. With Santa's permission, Buddy embarks on a journey to New York City to find his birth father and discover his true identity. Faced with the harsh reality that his father is on the naughty list and that his half-brother doesn't even believe in Santa, Buddy is determined to win over his new family and help New York remember the true meaning of Christmas.

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6:30 PM18:30

Meet the Author: Jesse Donaldson and On Homesickness 


Meet the Author: Jesse Donaldson and On Homesickness at the GRAC followed by "The Moth in Mt. Sterling: Tales of Home


One day, Jesse Donaldson wakes up in Portland, Oregon, and asks his wife to uproot their life together and move to his native Kentucky. As he searches for the reason behind this sudden urge, Donaldson examines both the place where he was born and the life he’s building. 

The result is a hybrid—part memoir, part meditation on nostalgia, part catalog of Kentucky history and myth. Organized according to Kentucky geography, with one passage for each of the commonwealth’s 120 counties, On Homesickness examines whether we can ever return to the places we’ve called home.

The Moth in Mt. Sterling is a storytelling hour. All ages welcome with storytellers signing up at the door. 

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7:00 PM19:00

Woodsongs Coffeehouse with Josh Nolan


Singer/Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist Josh Nolan has collaborated his musical background of dance halls, high school gymnasiums, spare-room-recordings, bar-hopping fill-ins, and fireside jams with his experiences as a college dropout, blue collar, small town, restless soul to create a music that is more than heartfelt.

Performing live with an ever-changing lineup, Josh Nolan offers an energetic stage show that combines elements from some of their more theatrical influences such as Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band and The Who, with interests in improvisational performances such as The Grateful Dead and The Flying Burrito Brothers

Debut record Fair City Lights available on Spotify, iTunes, etc. 

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to Nov 30



It is National Novel Writing Month all of November! More Information: CLICK HERE


Join the thousands of other writers across the world in writing a novel right in your home town!

The GRAC Literary Committee will help you walk through the process! Laptop suggested but not required.

    6 pm - 9:00 pm Tuesdays and Thursdays at the library (conference Room)

    10:00 am - 12:00 pm Saturdays at Spoonful of Sugar

    2 pm - 5:00 pm Sundays at GRAC


Image courtesy of National Novel Writing Month

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6:30 PM18:30

A Night with Folksinger Michael Johnathon


$8 Adults, $5 Students: Click HERE to get your tickets today!

Join us for a night with Michael Johnathon! 

Folksinger Michael Johnathon has a long-standing career in the arts as a
songwriter, playwright, composer of the opera, Woody: For the People, and
as the host of the live audience broadcast of the WoodSongs Old Time Radio
Hour with a radio audience with over two million listeners each week on
500 public radio stations, public television coast-to-coast, plus American
Forces Radio Network in 173 nations.

This ‘Woody Guthrie in a Cyber World’ grew up in upstate New York along
the shores of the Hudson River. At 19 years old, he moved to the Mexican
border town of Laredo, Texas and found a job working as the late night DJ
on a small radio station. One night, he played ‘Turn, Turn, Turn’ by the
60’s folk rock group The Byrds. As the song played, he recalled seeing the
songs writer, his neighbor Pete Seeger, performing in his Dutchess County
hometown in New York. By the time the song had ended, he decided to pursue
a career as a folksinger.

Two months later, he bought a guitar and a banjo and settled into the
isolated mountain hamlet of Mousie, Kentucky. For the next three years, he
traveled up and down the hollers of the Appalachian mountains knocking on
doors and learning the music of the mountain people.

Michael experienced hundreds of front porch hootenannies where folks would
pull out their banjos and fiddles, sit on their front porches with him and
play the old songs that their grandparents taught them.

Soon enough, he began performing concerts at hundreds of colleges, schools
and fairs. He performed two thousand Earth Concerts, plus benefits for the
homeless, farm families, and shelters helping battered women and children.
In all, he sang to over two million people in one four-year stretch.

Now settled in the foothills of Appalachia, the Kentucky-based songwriter
is a prolific artist with twelve released albums, three published books
and several national projects. His play Walden: The Ballad of Thoreau has
been performed over 8,000 times in 42 countries. A tree-hugger at heart,
he performed two thousand Earth Concerts at schools and colleges, plus
benefits for the homeless, farm families, and shelters helping battered
women and children. Billboard Magazine headlined him as an “UnSung Hero”
and he has been featured on CNN, TNN, CMT, AP, Headline News, NPR, Bravo
and the BBC.

Recently, Michael helped organize the national WoodSongs Front Porch
Association to help organize rural and community music and a massive
educational program. Members of the WFPA are called “SongFarmers,” which
is also the title of his recent album, the very first national CD release
to be completely recorded on an iPhone. His new book WoodSongs III will be
released Spring 2017.

In addition to his albums, books, concerts and other projects the Martin
Guitar Company recently introduced the Michael Johnathon signature model
0000-28s “WoodSongs Quad” guitar.  He lives in a log cabin on a hill
surrounded by meadows, streams and woods outside of Lexington, Kentucky
with his wife Melissa and family.

Visit his websites:

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7:00 PM19:00

Woodsongs Coffeehouse: Melody Youngblood

$8 for Adults

$5 for Students

Tickets can be purchased at the door 

Melody Youngblood is a singer-songwriter originally from the pacific northwest now living in the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in berea Ky. Her songwriting expresses deep vulnerability and tenderness that cuts to the heart of old wounds and deep seated personal struggle. She participated in a program called “The Americana Project” Which is an innovative arts education program since she was 16. 
She has been performing since she was 15 at a range of music venues as well as intimate house concerts. She has performed at Sisters Folk fest, Clear Creek Festival, ocracoke Folk festival, First Friday Berea, Woodsongs Boone Tavern,Snowbird festival,Salt works festival,West 6th Brewery, EKU performing Arts center, and Union College
She is a frequent collaborator with Mitch Barrett.
They have opened for Nitty Gritty Dirt band,Darrell Scott, and Crystal Gale
She has collaborated with Clear Creek Creative on two different theatre projects called “Land Water Food Stories” and “Where's that power going to come from” at an Annual KFTC summit, West 6th Brew, First Friday Berea and Alternate Roots. 
She has received grant support to apprentice with Master Artist Sue Massak to develop her banjo skills and to harvest traditional songs written by working appalachian women whose songs need remembering. 
Her First Album “Sweet Isolation” will be released in the fall of 2017.

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